We Resolve.

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In the spirit of a new year, the crew at KRD has resolved to finally listen to some sound advice and do the following…

1. Prototype

…make a model of it first so you know it will work
—R. Testani

So we’re prototyping everything… websites; our workflow; our lives. We’re aiming to create a perfect model and then look at it continually as we do our work. Is it saying what we want it to say?… doing what we want it to do?… is it looking like we thought it would?

2. Reuse

…check the pantry before you go out and buy the ingredients
—my mom

We’re determined to reuse everything — (not so much as an austerity measure, as a renewed appreciation for what we’ve got “in the house”) …paper; widgets; programming code snippets; yesterday’s lunch.

3. Simplify

…Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.


New York Times writer, Pico Iyer predicts quiet is going to be the hot commodity of 2012… I would add simplicity …simplicity in design (that allows the eyes to take a visual breath); simplicity in the message (just tell me what you want); and simplicity in how it works (do I really have to read the manual to use this?)

4. Be Inspired

…Inspire from the Latin, inspirare, to breathe

I know that sounds a bit esoteric coming from a bunch of creative mechanics, but we have resolved to get out of the garage more… see what’s out there; meet the people; experience design; look at the big picture. …And then bring all that we’ve seen, learned, experienced back to work and give it to you.

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