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It’s not enough to design a good-looking site. At KRD we want to make sure that the investment our clients make in a website pays off in more than compliments. We mean business! So every site we design is optimized so that our clients’ customers not only find them among their competitors.. but when they do find them, these customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

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“Kim is a creative professional with immense talent. We needed to update our marketing and rebuild our website, as our organization’s image was growing stale. Kim and team not only listened and worked with us as partners throughout the process, but delivered a beautiful logo and vibrant website…judge for yourself: www.operationhopect.org. They really understood our needs and working with them was a pleasure. I highly recommend Kim — her sense of design is truly impressive.”  -Carla Miklos, Operation Hope

“Our relationship with KRD is a true partnership.  Kim and her team have gone above and beyond what we ever expected to gain out of working with a design firm.  They have taken a tremendous amount of time to understand the goals of our business and the work that they produce is the perfect extension of who we are and how we want our brand to be perceived.” -Adam Kobren, bobbysue’s nuts

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“Raytex had a great experience working with KRD. Unique and creative with a bit of whimsy! They share their knowledge of the market place and collaborate to create a message that will inspire the consumer to buy your products.” -Jeanann Travers, Raytex

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