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In 1919 Harry Burt, the owner of an ice cream parlor in Youngstown, Ohio took the creation of Christian Nelson (the Eskimo Pie) and put it on a stick. Then he outfitted twelve vending trucks with freezers and bells to sell his Good Humors. By the ’30’s the trucks covered the country. These trucks and their bells were music to the ears of kids everywhere in the ’50’s. Then the whole thing just melted away in the late ’70’s “due to high labor costs and gas prices”. At least that’s what Wikipedia chalked it up to.

Fast forward to today and it seems that despite rising fuel costs, restaurants are taking their “hot” items to the streets. Yes, it seems that rolling food vendors are on the rise… and I happened to run into a fabulous one when I was in Oklahoma City. Big Truck Tacos.


I recommend the Crispy’cado. It’s amazing. A lightly fried-in-spices avocado served with romaine and tomatillo salsa in a soft corn taco. $3.00 for more than I should have eaten.

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