The Literary Set

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Who among us hasn’t dreamed of authoring a book? Well, KRD is pleased to announce that four of our clients are living the dream! And, what an impressive/eclectic mix of books/clients these are.

Lori Sandler (the mom behind the brand Divvies, sweet and delicious allergen safe treats for kids) just came out with a cookbook that is as hot as brownies right out of the oven! It’s not enough that food blogs are abuzz with the news, Good Morning America just listed the Divvies Bakery Cookbook among its top picks for this summer’s reading list. WOW. You can purchase the book on Amazon or any of your favorite bookstores. Read more about the book on Divvies website.

Prudence Designs , Grayson Handy, famed NYC event planner and floral createur for the fashion cognoscenti, divulges some of his most visually stunning and irreverent tips in his book published by Rizzoli, Flowers for the Home. Just how popular is this book? Well they are clamoring for it in Europe, so Rizzoli is translating re-printings accordingly. Pick up a copy and plant it on your coffee table.

Laurence Graham, an ardent NYC runner and mastermind behind First 49 Press, the publisher of all things Hemingway would approve, has penned his first book and it’s scheduled for release this fall entitled HOHA’s in Love. (Those on the run will recognize the title’s acronym as Hoboken Harriers Running Club.)

If you are crazy enough to want to take the FRM exam (and that’s Financial Risk Management, if you want to know… but if you had to ask, you’re not likely a candidate for this exam), Christian Cooper’s got you covered. This oft-quoted, senior rates trader has written a two-volume study aid that actually gives you the information you need for these exams and offers up online/cell phone support in addition. Even though the books are available through a distributor, Christian wants KRD to create his own site that’s in sync with the creative, personable, hand-holding method expounded in the books. We’ll keep you posted on this.

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