The Light At The End Of The Storm

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The topic on the tip of everyone’s tongue around here (in our own tri-state area) is power —- who has it and who doesn’t as a result of the recent storm. I met a group of friends today and felt guilty admitting that yes, I had actually showered in the past four days and was internet-connected to the rest of the world. It made me think about that flick-of-the-switch access to light and energy that we all take for granted…until we don’t have it. It’s in the face of all this outage that it is so amusing to see the transformation of our programmer extraordinaire at KRD, Richard. Over the past week he could have single-handedly lit up and powered our office had Irene actually knocked us off the grid. He is positively aglow. And why might that be? Richard and Melissa just had their first baby, and his name is Jake. Ask him about Jake and Richard will happily tell you he is the most adorable baby and, on top of that, he is so good. Here’s a proud-dad, super close-up photo. …Nothing like a picture of a sleeping newborn to calm the fretting and worry about a passing storm.


Welcome Jake!

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