The KRD Team

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Kim feels so incredibly fortunate to call Richard Testani and Tom Lewek part of the KRD team. Both bring so much talent, good nature, and thoughtfulness to each project that rolls into the KRD studio.

Richard worked with Kim as the art director and web developer at big enough… Yes, Richard really was able to fill both positions. So many people say programmers and developers can’t design; and designers can’t program … well, Richard really can do it all. He spends his free time reading up on all the latest programming techniques and is currently working on some very cool “apps” with fellow programmers.

Tom comes to KRD from a software company in New York where he was a graphic designer. Tom has that wonderful gift of being able to infuse everything he touches with good taste. His design sense is spot on whether he is handling the creatives for a high-energy nut company or the logo/branding for a highly-respected executive search firm.

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