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My daughter told me she wouldn’t be reading our blog this week because there just wasn’t time. But what if I shared a tip that saved you time? Like how to stuff a stocking with a good cause. (And to save you even more time, I am not going to make you click to “read more”.)

1. Grab a jar of Bobbysue’s Nuts… any of their three flavors will be a hit.

Our client, Cathrine White, photographer to the celebrities and the cognoscenti emailed me that she gives her clients Bobbysue’s “It’s Raining Chocolate”. You can buy these at Murrays Cheese if you are reading this in NYC; Garelick and Herbs, if you are in Connecticut; Plum Plums, if you are in Westchester, or online if you are anywhere else. In fact, cut to the chase, just call them and they’ll ship your order right out.

2. Tie it with a bow.

No need to wrap this jar, it’s way too cute to cover (I know what you’re thinking, but I am being objective)… and they are filled with organic everything, baked to create just about the best nut concoction you’ll ever eat.

3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your extra time.

If you bought the sixteen-ounce size, the stocking is more than 3/4-filled. And through your purchase, you’ve donated to the building of a shelter for homeless animals!

This would have been a totally hot, insider tip except for the fact that while I was writing this, I realized I was scooped by The New York Times.

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