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It’s been noted more than once that people look like their dogs…. or their dogs look like them. And it would seem that not only do they look like each other, but they mysteriously seem to share the same maladies, personality traits and the same need for creature comforts. It doesn’t take any high-priced psychologist to determine that those who live in the tight confines of a NYC apartment often come down with serious cases of cabin fever and feel the need to stretch their legs and get a little social.

Well, thanks to the dogged efforts of Peter Balestrieri and Janna Lee, there is Fetch Club in NYC where every urban canine can munch, mingle, get a make-over and just basically let his hair down for the day.

I asked Peter how he got into the dog daycare business and this dead-ringer for Al Pacino took me back to his Bay Ridge, Brooklyn days as a court stenographer riding with the district attorneys taking statements at the scene of mob killings, all while he was dating the don’s daughter… I was riveted.

Wait! Back to the dogs…. So this rabid entrepreneur parleys his stenography into the world of sports and starts this highly successful business called ASAP Sports… which enables him to start Fetch Club… because he really likes dogs and has three… which he shares with his partner Jenna Lee … who, by the way, was the impetus to start the business

Here are some Fetch Club members

Peter feels this little guy could benefit from some orthodontics

This guy was in a “time-out” section… boning up on his anger management skills

This member was completely chilaxing sprawled across a circular ottoman

Microwave-looking dryer in the grooming room

One big dog on the fence

The fitness area… and yes, they can watch Oprah

The after-hours club

Some of the club regulars

It’s details like this that make everyone in the room sit up and take notice

This is one club where everyone is welcome, regardless of creed or breed

Fetch Club “motel” accommodations

Who wouldn’t want to jump in there?

This room must be for the more claustrophobic canines

Janna Lee, partner and visionary for Fetch Club. “Even when you are home with your dogs, they are not getting much stimulation.. they are staring at the same walls of your apartment.” She explained she wanted to create an environment for dogs to get exercise and have stimulation and interaction. She stresses that sanitation is a key concern for her at the Club as is nutrition and finding the right mix of dogs with the people who watch them

Peter enthusiastically “walked” me through this service which incorporates technology that not only affords you the assurance that your dog was actually let out, but using a GPS tracking system, the owner knows exactly onto what neighborhoods their pet peed!

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