Skinning That Cat

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I love that expression … There is more than one way to skin a cat — because I’m not a big fan of copycats and am always looking for new ways to approach things so that they are different … and a bit unexpected. I researched the origin of this expression … surely it couldn’t originate from the obvious. Apparently, it does… its roots go back to the late 1600’s and yes, it is about killing a cat and yes, there are many ways to do this, and not to be overlooked is the option of choking it with cream. I digress.

This week, I’ve included two “cats” that you could say were “skinned” differently on the Gauge.

One Cat
Getting from point A to point B when there’s water in between requires a bridge or a tunnel… or, maybe there’s another way. Recently my favorite architect friend sent me pictures of a design that actually parts the waters… and you just walk right through.


The Moses Bridge in the Netherlands, by Ro & Ad Architects


This “bridge” spans a moat at Fort de Roovere, a 17th-century fort


Person crossing the moat


Two Cat (very small cat… out of the bag)
Supplying a small quantity of inexpensive bags for products purchased requires either a plastic bag with a sticker or a paper bag with a sticker. KRD wanted to deliver something different for our client, a plastic surgeon, who sells high-end skin care products. We had created her branding so that it lends a spa-like feeling to her practice. In keeping with natural and environmentally friendly (it’s reusable), we took a muslin drawstring bag and silkscreened her contact information. Then we found if we had Tyvek labels printed they had a luminescent quality that complimented the pearl incorporated in her logo as well as her watery blue business card color.


While we have yet to be called upon to solve the “how” in getting across a moat, KRD does get to put on our creative thinking caps every day and work with a whole battalion of great clients.


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