Marchelos Law: Site Goes Live

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We are so thrilled to announce the debut of the Marchelos Law site that just went live on the web. KRD had so much fun working with Steve Marchelos… going to his office in Long Island, meeting his staff, photographing Marchelos in action. Fortunately for us, Steve really knew what he wanted in a website. And one of those things was to educate the viewer as to what is involved when you work with a personal injury lawyer. So we created a step by step “slider” for the header of his site which basically “walks” a potential client through the process. We shot so many great candids of Steve while we were on site, we decided to put together a little intro to the site that also worked to feature the logo we created for him. Because Steve has such a great sense of humor and such an upbeat approach to his work, we used the photos to create a bit of a “collision” that resulted in a letter “bender” to create the “M” of Marchelos. Who says working on a law site has to be dull! Marchelos Law

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