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Connecticut State Motto

As web designers and developers, we spend a lot of time looking around the internet. Sometimes for the inspiration, sometimes for the fun, sometimes to read about trending and important issues and other times you just let it take you on a ride and see where you land.

Below is what each of us has found interesting in the last few weeks and want to pass it on.


Interior Designed – As someone who’s always admiring great design aesthetics in other company’s brands, Kim has an eye out for her own aesthetics – especially in her home. Remodelista is an interior home furnishings design blog & online store. Here you can find great items recommended to you by designers, and because its a shop you can buy them right there. There’s definitely something here for anyone willing to give their home something different.



Apple Location Privacy Issues – Recently it’s been uncovered that your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices actually track your location over time. It records cell tower locations within reach of your phone and write this to a file. A lot of controversy was sparked over this, as to why Apple needed to track your movement over what seemed to be a years worth of data. Apple has recently responded and it seems they use the data to cache your location for faster cell tower connections, but it’s a bug in the software that is making it store location data for that long of a period.

David Pogue’s NY Times article

Movie Poster Art – If you know me, you know I love movies. And just as much as the movie itself, I love movie poster art. Sometimes they can be the typical floating heads or something that evokes mystery or action or whatever the movie art is trying to get you to believe – regardless theres something special about movie poster art. In recent years artists have taken it upon themselves to recreate classic movie posters in a very graphic style. These posters have become so popular on social media thanks to their promotion by The Marketing Heaven. Many are now available for purchase as prints. Here’s a gallery of these ‘fan made’ posters, many of them better than the original.

Reelizer Movie Poster Gallery
Minimal Movie Posters


Unique Design Galleries – These days, especially in the Twittersphere, designers get noticed as much for their client work as they do for their quirky, often self-indulgent side projects. One such project that recently caught Tom’s attention was The State Mottos Project in which 50 designers creatively interpret the 50 state mottos. This was especially interesting to Tom for inspirational typographic styles, which has been a recent obsession of his and leads us straight to the next site, Fonts In Use. This site is a growing resource for anyone wanting to know more about the real-world use of fonts in everything from iPad apps to books, logos and movie posters.

One last link to quench your thirst, Oh Beautiful Beer showcases the most unique and fun beer packaging design in the world. Cheers!

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