Is That Really You?

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You never forget a friend. In fact, not only will they never escape your notice, but when you do spot them, they never miss making us smile. The same goes for a logo. It’s the brand’s face. … whether that “brand” is a product, a person, or a service. And just as we make judgements about people we meet by the way they look, we make snap judgements, often without even realizing it, about companies based on their logos…their identities. According to an article that appeared on DesignWorks, logos speak volumes about you. “They tell your customers who you are, how you run your business, and what your mission is.”

I thought I would share a couple of logos I really like … not the obvious ones like FedEx or Apple, but logos of companies you’ve probably never heard of, but, in my mind, logos that do their companies a huge justice.
And then I’d like to show you two new logos we just finished for clients at KRD.


It’s a neighborhood cafe in every sense of the word. Motor over. You’ll know it by the bike hanging as sign outside; quirky, makeshift live music spilling out on the street; and the smell of welcome-home cooking. Moto

Brooklyn Bunny

This is the brainchild of DresserJohnson, a graphic design team specializing in identities and digital fonts. Well, they have this pet rabbit who lives his life real-time (a la Truman Show) in front of a webcam @ Brooklyn Bunny

… and two new identities from KRD

Christian Cooper

He is the guru of managing anything that might be financially risky and he’s giving a course to share his expertise with all those who are preparing to take the Financial Risk Management exam.

Susan Filan

Before the sun comes up she is expounding all things familial-y legal on The Today Show and by nine she is at her desk helping her clients successfully navigate the rough waters of divorce and family law.

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