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Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives

Our client, the event planner of all things Target and much more, came to us to develop her site for viewing on a mobile device. We had recently created a very simple “business card” site to brand her event business which included a Flash intro using the character we created as part of the logo. But even the simplest site just doesn’t look that great when it’s smushed onto a phone screen. Once you’ve inch-wormed your fingers over the screen to enlarge just to read the title, you’ve left most of the site hanging off the phone. Twirl needed a makeover to be phone-ready. What’s quirky and fun on a desktop screen can be just plain slow and annoying on a phone.

With mobile web visits doubling since last year, mobile browsers have become more sophisticated, supporting much of the same technology as the desktop browsers. These advances allow designers to incorporate the style and functions of the original site in a hand-held version. But the size of the device, as well as a slower network, calls for a dialing-down of the site… and a rethink.


Twirl main site displayed on an iPhone

Here’s What We Did

While the desktop screen accommodated all of the contact information and a list with descriptions of Twirl’s most recent Oprah-the-top events all on one page, the mobile version called for just one thought on the home page. “Call us and let’s talk about your event” …and a big “call” button which allows the viewer to instantly place a call to Twirl Events —- no messy dialing involved.

What is a one-page site on the desktop, is now a three-page site on the phone, which allows for the information to be just as legible and appealing as it is on the original.


Twirl Events mobile version on an iPhone

What a welcome relief to come to a site that’s optimized for a mobile device so, not only can you actually see it, but since the site is stripped down to only the essentials, you get the info you need…on the move.

Final Call

So if you’re planning a corporate event, an intimate party, or a wedding…give Twirl a ring — and don’t be thrown by the fact they are headquartered in Minnesota…they’re mobile.

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