Highway Beautification: Ohio Style

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Another stop we made on our visit to Springfield, Ohio was the annual Garden Fair. Let me just say, this was no “garden variety” garden fair. While there were the usual specimens … shade varieties, variegated versions, plants from the 1800’s, and even an expert on the genus and species of the various weeds that plague or please a gardener… there were some things we saw that truly have their roots in the midwest and would never survive the transplant to the tri-state area.


A ground covering that grows in the shade


A hybrid corn…


A peck of peppers


A variety of spinach






Skin spots-spotting


Lecture in the garage on honeybees given by a time traveler


Enthusiastic listener


…And another


Yes, this is a real bus


…proof that Meadow View’s flowers can grow on the go


One bus you’ll never want to get caught behind

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