Grab n Go Nuts!

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jars of bobbysue’s nuts at Murray’s Cheese in Grand Central


Bobbysue’s Nuts is wildly popular not only because their three amazing nut flavorations are the perfect antidote for the munchies day and night, but because the women behind the brand are turning over a portion of every nut dollar to their pet project… building a shelter for homeless animals. In their effort to also save the environment, they pack their nut concoctions in reusable glass jars. That was fine for home-snacking. But for many of their fans, friends, food stores and fancy hotels well, they wanted packaging that could travel … in a purse, suitcase, briefcase, backpack, lunch sack, minibar. KRD was called in to assess the situation and design a solution.

Using our original design for the glass jars, we translated all the visual yumminess … which now was hidden behind opaque plastic… on to the print of the bags… maintaining the nutty mantra of the company. These bags are scheduled to debut in September! Grab & go.


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