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We have yet to have a client come to KRD and say, “Here’s a project I’d like you to execute. And, by the way, spend whatever you need to on it.” Actually, who ever really says that?

But just as I’ve never been impressed when I see a woman dressed head-to-toe in the same designer’s clothes (actually, what catches my eye is the bag woman in our town who has the most creative style… amazing sense of proportion, color, pattern — someday I am going to ask her if I can photograph her), I love the challenge of delivering work that has a thoughtful, creative element to it.. that isn’t just plugging in expensive, “off-the-rack” technology or materials.

On my recent trip to Mexico, I was treated to this sort of ingenuity thrown into high gear. Click below and see some high-octane, south-of-the-border, creative design solutions on wheels.

Fast Food Delivery

How many chickens can hitch a ride on a motorcycle? If you’re counting, don’t overlook the two that are riding side-saddle by the driver’s legs.


We spotted this car and followed it through the streets of Zihuatanejo until the driver parallel-parked it. Fortunately our kids speak Spanish and were able to interview the very proud owner. He designed and “manufactured” his car twenty years ago from scrap metal, airplane lights, the back seat of a boat, his outdoor furniture and, an old Volkswagen motor.


The engine resides under that piece of grey metal. Of note is the plexiglass on the right side of the car where he sports stickers from all the car’s destinations.


The dashboard is beautiful. You can’t really see it in this photo, but the little buttons are all different colors. Notice the drink holder on the pole to the left of the steering wheel.


Here are some more interior details. Yes, the bucket seats are metal frames welded into the floor and woven with a coated plastic popular in outdoor chaise lounges of the 50’s, but note the inclusion of the seatbelt on the passenger side, both waist and chest straps.


Wash and Wipe

If you’ve been missing the squeegee guys on the West Side Highway, you may want to consider replacing your old wipers with these. Love the mix of color!

I have to say, the arrival back to the States was quite sobering. The weather had turned grey in the time we were gone and so had all the cars.

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