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Email use is staggering. There are 1.9 billion email users worldwide. And they are sending out 247 billion email messages every day. For those who care, that computes to more than 2.8 million emails sent every second. Is email a good way to reach your customers/clients? Absolutely. In fact, more of your customers/clients are using email than they are the web.

So, how do I reach them?

You can do that through an email campaign that is well thought-out and reaches your customers/clients with an offer; announcement; or important information that they would like to know about.

What do I need to send an email campaign?

1. You need email addresses. So make sure it’s easy for your clients and customers to subscribe to your emails. Every company form, every phone conversation, every face-to-face meeting should ask if they would like to be on your email list.

2. You need an email platform. We have a couple of favorites that we use at KRD. The ones we like charge a monthly fee to “house” your lists and offer a few different campaign plans including unlimited “sends” or pay as you go.

How do I create relevant emails?

Maybe not everyone on your list would be interested in the same topics or products. Make sure they are getting just what they want by segmenting your lists so that you can tailor your emails to each group.

How do I make sure my efforts are successful?

Stay tuned, we’ll cover that next week….. in an email.

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