(Part II)

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Last week we established that emails are an important way to communicate with your customers and clients. And we left off asking the question:

How do I know if my email campaign was a success?

Make Use of Analytics

Your email platform will provide you with a whole host of analytics that will let you know exactly how successfully your campaign was received. Analytics will tell you how many emails were delivered; how many bounced; and how many were actually opened. It will also tell you how many people clicked to your site to explore your services; read about your products; and buy them or contact you.

Test Your Message

Most email platforms afford you the ability to test your content; your design; and your message through A/B testing. You can send out two different emails and arbitrarily split your list to gauge if you get more traction with one product over another; one promotion over another; or one message over another. Whatever the goal you have set for your email: to get someone to your site to buy something; to get someone to pick up the phone and call you; or just to open your email, you can test some variables to see what works best to achieve your goal. Everything can be tracked, so you will learn what works and build on that knowledge to better serve your clients/customers.

Keep Track

Both the testing reports and the analytics will show you comparative results over campaigns which will start to show you trends and give you valuable information. So you should really keep track of this to learn as much as you can about the habits, likes and leanings of your clients/customers.

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