Elee Holtermann: The Summer Rookie

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As a new addition to the Kim Ronemus Design team, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. I’m 21, majoring in industrial design and interested in pursuing an engineering minor at the University of Bridgeport. My main focus with industrial design is designing and developing products. I’m constantly trying to see things in a new light, coming across new products daily and trying to imagine ways that I can make them perform better and be more visually appealing. We don’t realize the very strong connection that we have with the things we own as well as the direct relation between interactive design and our emotions. I’m sure everyone remembers getting overly excited about their first encounter with the iPhone’s interface…

My work with KRD is focusing on their marketing and outreach tools which include the website and blog. I have been finding ways to make the site easier to navigate to and through, as well as coming up with interesting topics to write about in our blog to keep you loving the site. Here you can find experienced workers compensation attorney, one of the best workers compensation lawyers in CA. The blog will be constantly updated with new posts pertaining to design in some way and we’ll get the chance to introduce everyone at KRD. I am also part of an in-house and offsite team of experts putting together a comprehensive advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package for our clients, which will make it much easier for their customers to find them on the web. The SEO package is a great way to strongly increase traffic flow through your website and gain recognition from well-known sites.

So, if you’re not yet subscribed to the KRD blog, I highly recommend getting on board with us as we have so much in store in the next couple of weeks. So call us up and ask about our SEO package — I know you’ll be really impressed with what we can deliver to optimize your site and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Next week, I will be posting an article about side projects. I’ll get the chance to tell you why I love them, what sort of projects you can get involved in, why they’re so important and I’ll show you a few awesome side projects that some big names in design have taken on.

For now, I will leave you with a few of my own designs…

Rock climbing shoe designed and then modeled out of high density foam

Concept wheelchair design

Hanging platform chair design

Vacuum pressing a board. Part of the long process of building and shaping skateboards

A few finished boards ready to hit the pavement

Sometimes even an intern needs a break!

Accessibility Tools