Dog Gone It!

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a rendering of the box


(Here’s where we get to shamelessly promote a client.) Raytex’s That DogGone Mat! is now in select CVS stores across the country and you need to get not one, but several so that you are never ANYWHERE without one.

Why am I so excited to announce this? Not simply because KRD designed the box; or that I happen to have two very scratchy, shedd-y dogs; or that my brother works for Raytex… No, it’s because every single client who has come to our studio over the last six months that we have been working on this project has asked, “where do you get these mats?” So, I am letting everyone know that, just in time for Easter, (go figure), CVS has put these roll-up-able, lightweight, “Patagonia” furry-soft, non-skid bottom mats in their novelty gift item aisle (so I am guessing next to the plastic bags of yellow, pink and green basket grass) for only $9.99!

Wait, this just in from Florida… a proud purchaser of the second-to-last That DogGone Mat! in the Fernandina Beach CVS reports to have found hers in the pet products aisle.

Strategy: Act like a hound dog and search the store.

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