Coat Tales

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I do listen to the weather. It’s programmed to wake me up in the morning. But since it has been sub-zero since I can remember, I haven’t given what I put on to weather the weather much thought. I have only one super warm coat.. and I have only one warm pair of boots that give me traction on ice. And I wear both everyday.

But there I was with Monday. 50 degrees! And I’m in my arctic uniform because I couldn’t even imagine what else I had to wear… so, as it happened … I let an opportunity to slip into something different, slip by.

Then Richard introduced me to Swackett (a unique weather app) and it was love at first sight. Here is an app that doesn’t just give me the weather report, it actually tells me what to wear when going outside… from head to tuque (a simple knitted cap).


While the “cut-out” Swackett characters tug at every fiber of nostalgia in my being (do these guys remind you of Romper Room’s Willy the Weatherman, or am I just carbon-dating myself?), I begin to wonder about the actual practicality of this app in my life. I don’t have a coat with fur around the edges like the one they suggested I wear yesterday. And I don’t own a pom-pommed tuque, or want one.

My dream app would be Swackett-on-Vogue. So I wake up, check the app, and realize the day promises to be a balmy, sunny, 50 degrees and what I need for today is an oversized Michael Kors cardigan and vintage aviators. I run to my closet, rummage through and realize I don’t happen to own either of those items… Is there an app for that?

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