Business Cards: Grey on Ivory?

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The movie, American Psycho, has a great scene that punctuates the desire of the professional to have an identity in a working world that just doesn’t call for that. … It’s a desire for something that gives his/her peers a little something to envy.



So what’s a doctor, lawyer, indian chief to do? Buy a new tie?

At KRD we have had some real break-out-of-the-box professionals come to us and put the creation of their identity in our hands. We’ve listened very closely to them tell us about their businesses, their approach to work, and their most favorite colors; and we’ve created logos for them that fit them like an Armani suit. …or a Tom Ford … or a Prada.

Here are some recent logos we did for five lawyers, all in the same “line of law”. They maintain a professional look, but at the same time are very recognizable and memorable. How memorable? Well, one client told us that he was in an airport recently and was paying for a bottle of water and his business card slipped out of his wallet and fell on the floor. The guy next to him looked down and said, “hey, I know you”. He had recognized the logo before he even saw the name and mentioned that he had seen an ad run by the firm.


And the flip sides…


it’s not just lawyers who need a lift. Here are two more identities we completed recently — one for a plastic surgeon and another for a financial headhunter. Both needed to exude confidence and professionalism but KRD sought to also capture their individual personalities and their unique service objectives and let that rule the card.


Now all our clients need to do is to perfect the flick of the wrist when they toss these cards on the table. Take a look at some of our other recent work.

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