A Walk Around a Brooklyn Block

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Recently we took a trip to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section on a Saturday afternoon. We were pressed for time so we had to limit our exploring to a few-block radius. Love the plethora of stuff, stores and friends we encountered all while never straying very far from the car. (Photos once again captured on my iPhone thanks to a dead camera battery.)


Outside Cafe Colette with owner, Zeb Steward and his girlfriend, Erin Gerken


Colette has such a relaxed and inviting aesthetic, it makes you want to keep refilling your tea to extend your stay, even as the line of hungry patrons grows.


Here sits a testimonial to the power of social media… Charlotte “checked in” and a friend (Blake) from San Francisco (who just happened to be a few blocks away working on a software project for a month) showed up and joined us for lunch!


Blake’s brunch


Our server’s tail


My salad


With a French Toast chaser


Next, we visited Chris Gentile at his soon-to-be-opened surf shop (with cafe), Pilgrim.


Irresistible! I just couldn’t let this sleeping dog lie.


Chris’ surfboards are beautiful… made me toy with taking up the sport so I could choose one




Future site of the Pilgrim cafe


Future Pilgrim customer


We walked a few blocks to Hollander & Lexer…love this store.


It’s menswear…soon to include womenswear. The fabrics are beautiful


We went next door to H&L’s sister store…Darr


The owner of Darr recommended that, if we only had time for one more stop, we should visit Le Grand Strip


…The window looks like every vintage store, but once inside you realize Le Grand Strip is worth the trip


This store is SO well edited. You don’t have to wade through junky stuff to find the one jewel…this store is packed with them!

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