A Comment on Our Comments

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A sample comment form with avatar


Some of you have noticed (and made use of the fact) that we have added the ability to comment at the bottom of each of our posts. We did this because we thought it would be great to hear back from our readers which are friends, family, past, present and future clients.

We’ve been using the built-in comment system, but it doesn’t allow for others to comment on the comments. So we implemented a new comment system which now features reply-ability, email notifications and more. Adding a comment does require a login, but you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! accounts.

With our new and improved comment-taking system, not only can you link directly to a comment, “like” a comment, and share a comment, but you can dress up your comment with an avatar. Don’t know what the hey that is? Sure you do. It’s that little image that appears in a box next to your comment that represents you. So don’t be that person with the generic, faceless, silhouette, Facebook man as you roam the web. Leave your mark. Get an avatar. Go to Gravatar.

Next time you are on a site like KRD’s The Gauge, you can leave a comment and along with it your signature avatar will appear. Cool.

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