On The “Job”

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Last week, upon receiving a text about an incoming swell and extra wetsuit, I began to strategize a way to play hooky from KRD for the day…”I’ll take the camera and write a blog!”, I told the boss lady. …The plan worked and with that, we were off, headed toward Rhode Island, in search of some waves…and something to blog about, of course! Not only did we find some small (the way I like ‘em) waves on a few beautiful beaches, but we also found ourselves stumbling upon several funky towns, restaurants and businesses, all of them oozing with personality!


Driving around Matunuck, a village in South Kingston, Rhode Island….trailers with a view

East Matunuck State Beach….we were the only ones on the beach. I could have stayed forever…


Further down the beach shows signs of coastal erosion which has caused Matunuck beach to loose 20 feet in a 12-year period


Clearly Ian found the size of these point break waves laughable…so he forced me to move on


House along the way…it looks like an old church that is now rentable for dwelling…wish I could have seen the inside


Ocean Mist, a favorite local bar/restaurant/live music venue in Matunuck


Quirky use of color on their back patio bar


My favorite set of trailers in the lot right across from the beach


Local laundromat that doubles as the owner’s gallery displaying her own art


Oh, helloooo there!


Roadside nursery on the way out of town


Yay! we found some waves…the hardest part for me? Shimmying myself into this thing!


You don’t have to be an expert to surf the beaches of Narrragansett but unfortunately, you do need to look like a seal while doing it


Rumor has it, the burgers are “the bomb” here but the line wrapped around the corner and we were too hungry to wait!


Inside Crazy Burger…loved the light fixtures


And no Starbucks anywhere…phew



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